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Mystique comes with everything on her person at the moment she's pulled from canon, which includes:

(1) white bodysuit (durable material with Kevlar-like qualities)

(2) thigh-high white leather boots (w/ red accents, low heel)

(1) red utility belt w/ holster containing:

(1) Glock 18 (a semi/fully automatic 9mm government-issue firearm)

(5) blocks of C4 plus detonator

(1) lighter

(1) camera/voice recorder (sized for covert surveillance)

(1) pair black steel handcuffs

(1) handheld transceiver w/ (2) backup batteries

(1) durable mini-flashlight

(1) Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in "Excessive"

(1) white Balmain blazer

(2) white leather gloves, wrist-length

(1) pair skull earrings

(2) red lucite bracelets
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